St. John of Turnina

About 4 km from the town of Vodnjan, and 350 m to the east of the highway, a Romanesque bell tower from the 12th century can be found. Until 1922, this location also housed a single-nave church, probably a monastery. Today, we can only see the remnants of the church that was rectangular in shape.

After the French administration, this complex became a private property. In 1927, the church was demolished for the construction of a stable. The bell tower was, fortunately, preserved. There is also an underground cistern by the bell tower.

Stories and thought about St.John

St. John has devoted his life to the Lord: He found his meaning in following the Jesus and his words. He did not hesitate to follow the Lord and his preaching and he remained at Calvary when others have left. In many ways he showed us how to live our life, since all his preaching are a unique call, a call to follow him in a new life whose secret he only possesses: “Will anyone follow me …”

“God, you have revealed to us the mysterious depth of your Word though apostle John. Let us also remember the words of life that he has spread so beautifully. Amen.”