Church of Madonna of Traversa

Church of St. Madonna Traversa is located east of the city center of Vodnjan. According to the legend at this site in the 12th century originally held a smaller church of St. Mary of the Spring near which in 1229 St. Anthony of Padua founded a small monastery. Once there was a large cistern here, that ensured a water supply for the monks and the local countryside.

The existing building dates from 1615, when it was restructured and enlarged. It is a pilgrimage church held by the Franciscan Conventuals. According to the tradition, here in 1294 the angels carrying the  Nazareth’s house stopped here on the way from Trsat to Loreto. The church has a particular feature , eight wooden altars carved in 17th century.. The altars are dismantled and are waiting for the restauration in order to re-emerge in its full splendor.

Pilgrimage on Easter Monday

The locals took a vow to the Virgin Mary to undertake a pilgrimage on Easter Monday should they be spared from infectious diseases and epidemics.

Holy Mass

On April 25th at the feast day of St. Mark a Mass is held here with intercessory prayer for good weather, fertile field and job security.


Address: 52215 Vodnjan