Church of our Lady of Mount Carmel

The Church of our Lady of Mount Carmel is located in the historical center of Vodnjan, near one of its oldest and most preserved streets – Contrada del Asì. The church was built in 1630 in the shape of a Latin cross, with an elegant facade of finely crafted stone and a rosette, located above the coat of arms of Francesco Barbaro. The bell tower rises alongside the left side of the church.

The church interior features an altar made of wood with golden overly (1651), the statue of St. Sebastian, the image of Our Lady of Carmel and St. Simon Stock, a ceiling with taped stucco paintings, and decorations on the walls. In the church there is a statue of St. Peter Alkantarsky, whose sermons of repentant poverty were recalled by the faithful during the periods of drought, and whose statue was carried in the procession praying for rain.

The Feast of the Lady of Carmel (16.07.)

On 08.07. starts the Novena of Our Lady of Carmel. Holy Mass is held in the church the day before the feast at 19:00. At the feast day of Our Lady of Carmel the Mass is held at 19:00.

Sacral Concerts

Due to unique acoustics, the church is a popular location for concerts of classical and religious music.


Address: Trgovačka ulica 23 52215 Vodnjan