Church of St. Fosca

Next to the Batvaci settlement (Valmadorso), there is an impressive Basilica of St. Fosca. Although there are no written records about the time of its construction its architectural style is Romanesque.. Its outer appearance is marked by high arcades that surround the church facade. This church is considered an important cultural and historical monument.

At the beginning of the 21st century the church was significantly renovated and restored to its original appearance. It contains the most monumental examples of Romanesque wall paintings in Croatia.

The Feast of St. Fosca (13.02.)

St. Fosca is a very popular saint in Istria, therefore, every first Sunday after February 13th (the feast of St. Fosca) pilgrims visit this church . Traditionally after the Holy Mass, until sunset, picnics are held at surrounding meadows, mostly roasted eggs with homemade sausages (fritaja).

Holy Mass for Health

Holy masses for health are celebrated every first Sunday of the month according to the following schedule: - January, February, March, April at 15:00 h - May, June, July, August, September at 17:00 h - October, November, December at 15:00 h

"Holy Foska, ​​can do miracles" - a well known saying in Istria, born out of numerous testimonies of miracles and healings.
"Little martyr, holy Fosca, pray for us!" St. Fosca is a protector against headaches, arthritis, rheumatism, depression as well as a patron saint of young people..


Address: Gajana