Church of St. Stephen

At the edge of the town lies the church of St Stephen. The church has an historical and artistic value, but is also interesting because of the changes that marked it in recent history. The church was probably built in the period from 7th to 11th century.

The church was once converted into a farmhouse and was used as a barn and storage for hay. The original structure of the church was a single nave, highly elongated structure with three square apses on the east side. After restoration in 2013, the church was opened as a cultural monument. 

Prayer to St.Stephen:

“St. Stephen, you who served as a deacon and gave yourself wholeheartedly to all in need in your Christian community, please intercede for us with our Heavenly Father, to make our hearts as noble as yours and that we are always willing to help each other, especially to those in need.

St. Stephen, you were a brave witness for Christ and you were willing to die for Him rather than deny Him. Pray for us that we receive from God such courage as you had, that we also in good times as well as trials, acknowledge ourselves as belonging to Christ, proclaim Him in our families, talk about His teaching and live by His word.

St. Stephen as a young man you have completely opened your heart to God and His Holy Word, as proclaimed by the Apostles. Please intercede with the Lord for our children and young people that in all challenges and temptations of life the can choose the true friendship with Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life