Holy Bodies

The unique feature of St. Blaise are also the mummified bodies of saints. Behind the great altar lie the preserved bodies of three saints – St. Leona Bemba (+1188), St. Ivan Olinije (+1300) and St. Nicoloso Bursa (+1512). Here are also kept the smaller mummified parts of the saints bodies: the torso of St. Sebastian (+ 282), the foot of Saint Barbara (+288), the tongue of the Holy Mary of Egypt (+522.) And the right forefinger of the Patriarch of Carigrad St. Eutih (+582.).

An undisputed scientific explanation for this preservation has not yet been found. Some general speculations hold that body can be preserved for a long time under certain conditions: in low temperatures, when death is due to arsenic poisoning or if the body was buried in a soil rich with iron and tannins.

Tourist attraction

There are altogether 370 relics or earthly remains of 250 saints stored in the church in Vodnjan. St. Leon Bembo, St. Ivan Olini and St. Nikoloso Bursa were proclaimed saints via facti, that is, after it was established that they were responsible for numerous healings.

Location - Parish Church of St. Blaise

The bodies of saints are exhibited in the parish church of St. Blaise. Every Sunday Holy Mass at the parish church is held at 8:30, 9:45 am (Italian) and 11:00 am.


Address: 52215 Vodnjan