The parish church of St. Blaise

In the 1800s, after 40 years of construction, an investment of 13,000 golden ducats and ten years of voluntary contributions from the local people, the church was dedicated the Day of St. Blaise. This major effort paid off, because a magnificent basilica arose at the site of the former church. The parish church of St. Blaise is the largest parish church in Istria with the highest bell tower (62 m), which is similar to St. Mark’s bell tower in Venice.

At the neo baroque facade of the church, five saints welcome the visitors: “Host” Saint Blaise, Saint Peter and St. Lovro to his right, Saint Paul and Saint Kvirin on his left. These statues, all of a natural sized (other than the statue of St Blaise, which is larger) were made by the brothers Andrea and Giovanni Trevisan, the sons of a self taught and a highly esteemed Venetian painter from Vodnjan.

The interior of the church of St. Blaise is a baroque space, featuring nine altars from the 19th and 20th century, richly ornamented with marble carvings and oil paintings of Saints of great artistic value. The church has an extremely valuable inventory, partially presented to the public in a museum which is an integral part of the sacred structure, famous for its collection of relics and the Holy Bodies.

In the church St.Blaise are 23 valuable canvases and statues. The most important are: “The Last Supper” by Giovanni Contarini (1598), whose surface is almost 10 m2, “The Holy Virgin With Saints” by Gaetano Gretzler from Verona, “Jesus Grants The Authority To St. Peter˝ (1843.) Trevisana, ˝St. Cecilil “(1845) by Andrea Dalla Zonca. On the main altar there are statues of Sv. Francis and St. Domnica, by an unknown author. Another great example of Gothic art is the Custody for the Holy Oil from 1451. made in the stone by the Vodnjan author Domenico Biasola. “The Way of the Cross” is signed by Venerio Trevisan (1842).

Holy Mass

Every Sunday Holy Mass is held at the parish church at 8:30, 9:45 am (Italian) and 11:00 am. Every Sunday in the parish church, the Holy Rosary is held in the evening. There is opportunity for confession every day before the Holy Mass.

The Feast of St. Blaise

At the feast of St. Blaise the blessing of the throat is granted every year. The priest with two candlesticks approaches the believer and prays: "By the intercession of St. Blaise, the bishop and the martyr, let God free you from the illness of sore throat and every other evil! "

"Lord Jesus Christ, you said that through the prayers and fasting serves to drive off evil spirits, and that faith heals the sick, let us pray that by the intercession of St. Blaise, your martyr, the same faith which allowed him to overcome the power of darkness and human illness, also succors us to our salvation. According to our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son , who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, for ever and ever. "


Address: 52215 Vodnjan