duration: 7 - 8 h location: Church of St.Fosca

Celebration of the feast of St. Fosca

Saint Fosca was a girl who lived in a rich Roman noble family during the persecution of Christians. Around her 11th or 12th year she decided to live up to the principles of Christ, and was baptized. Her father publicly renounced her and because of her faith in Christ, she was left to the mercy of the executioners. She died at the age of 15. 

St. Fosca is a patron saint against headaches, arthritis, rheumatism, depression and protector of young people. Traditionally, every year on the first Sunday after 13:02. (St.Fosca Feast Day) there is a pilgrimage to church of St. Fosca.

One group of pilgrims walks from the parish church of St. Blaise to the church of St.  Fosca in Batvači.

Holy Mass is at 11:30 outdoors.

Timetable of pilgrimage

For all pilgrims who will walk to the church of St. Fosca, a gathering is held in front of the parish church of Blaise in Vodnjan at 9:30 h. The walk to St. Fosca is 8 km long to the church of St. Blaise.

The Holy Mass is traditional held outside at 11:30. After the Mass follows the blessing of religious items and the visit to relics of St. Fosca and traditional picnic.

After the Holy Mass and Blessings, the pilgrims sit around the church until sunset. Traditionally, fried eggs with home-made sausages are served there.

Location of the Holy Mass

Church of St.Fosca, Vodnjan

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