duration: 1 h location: Parish Church of St.Blaise

Prayer over the Saint’s Bodies

The parish church of St. Blaise exhibits the bodies of saints whose bodies are remarkably preserved. 

The bodies of St. John Olin and St. Nicolosa Bursa are exhibited behind the main altar and are self-preserved with all the internal organs, which is a unique example worldwide. Along with the bodies of St. John Olin and St. Nicolosa Bursa, lies also the body of the bishop St. Leon Bembo, as well as smaller preserved parts of saints bodies, the torso of St. Sebastian, the foot of St. Barbara, the tongue of the St. Mary of Egypt and the right index finger of the Patriarch of Constantinople St. Eutih.

Life of Saints

St. Nicolosa Bursa dedicated her life to God and her feast day is celebrated on 23.04. In various manuscripts there is a number of signed testimonies of graces and healings, received through the intercession of St. Nicolosa.

Along with St. Nicolosa Bursa, there is a body of St. John Olin. During his life, he was considered a walking miracle. He lived and worked in Venice during the plague epidemic.  Despite his daily work and praying with the sick, he didn’t catch the disease and he died in advanced years. Today many pilgrims pray beside his exposed body “St. John, let no evil happen to me, as it did not happen to you.”

There are records stating that in 1795, after the Mass which was served on his altar and in his honour, a girl Antonia Maria Teresa Suman was miraculously healed.

After the Mass she was told that “grace was given” and she healed completely in three days. St. John Olini is numbered among the 27 saints of Venice. He is the patron of Venetian parish priests.

St. Leon was in the Crusades and after his return, he was a bishop of Modon for a short while. After four years, heretics have conquered Modon and St.Leon returned to Venice where he died in the Benedictine monastery. St. Leon Bemba is particularly revered among the couples who experience infertility.

There are numerous recorded healings based on the intercession to St. Leon, translated from Latin.

Franconellis Catarina who was blind payed to the saint and immediately got her sight back.

In 1210 stars have shown the way to the grave of St. Leon, sick people rushed to it and returned healthy, in 1207.

Long preservation of your body shows us oh Leon your eternal holiness, in 1207.

Due to her daughter’s awful sickness a mother prayed to the saint and her daughter was healed, in 1321.

St. Leon the bishop from the famous family Bembo / live and dead he made many miracles. When his body was exposed in Venice at the church of St. Lawrence, all the sick people around the church were healed, and a blind girl Catarina Franconellis 1210. got her sight back.


Parish Church of St. Blaise

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